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A rede dos que se opõem à guerra – os refuseniks – eu sou um refusenik

dezembro 16, 2013

refusenik, os que se opõem à guerra, judeus, cristãos, mulsumanos, seres humanos

Matemática em Sobral


Refuser Solidarity Network

The Israeli refuser movement…ending occupation one soldier at a time.


Contribute to the RSN to help us bring the story of the Israeli Refusers to Jewish communities and other crucial constituencies around the world.

Make secure online donations:
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RSN Supports…

The Shministim, Israel’s young conscientious objectors.

Yesh G’vul, an Israeli group supporting soldiers with the difficult decision to refuse.

New Profile provides education and support for nonviolent solutions

Combatants for Peace brings together ex-soldiers from both sides for speaking tours.

Courage to Refuse hosts the Combatant’s Letter, a statement of refusal signed by over 600 IDF personnel

Welcome to the Refuser Solidarity Network

RSN builds support for, seeks to increase the visibility of, and educates the public about the Israeli refuser movements, with the objective of working together with refusers to end Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian…

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